Android Market gets ready for paid applications

Android Market

The Android Market is getting ready to offer applications for sale. Google just announced that it is now accepting priced applications from US and UK developers. Applications can now be submitted at Google Checkout will be used for billing and payment so developers will require a Google Checkout merchant account.

Starting next week, paid applications will be offered to U.S. customers. Additional countries will then follow in the upcoming months.

Developers from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, and Spain will be able to offer priced applications later this quarter. Additional countries will be deployed later.

Google will give programmers 70 percent of revenues. Google will give the remainder to the wireless carriers, except for any billing settlement fees. Apple also gives developers 70 percent but keeps the remainder for itself.

The Android Market will also be opened up to Australia starting on February 15 and Singapore a bit later. Initially, these two markets will only offer free applications.

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