Details on upcoming Sprint devices

Palm Treo Pro

The Sprint release of the Palm Treo Pro remains cursed. According to The Boy Genius, the Sprint release of the Treo Pro has slipped further. The new launch date is set for March 15 (but is still not confirmed). No reason has been provided about the delays but continue to be attributed to the Treo Pro failing Sprint’s device and network interaction tests.

In the meantime, Sprint is readying some other device launches. The LG Rumor 2 is set to launch in mid-March and the Samsung Instinct Mini (a smaller and slimmer Instinct) will follow in April. It will complement the currently available Instinct rather than replace it. The HTC Cedar (QWERTY thumb keyboard form factor), first spotted on a leaked 2009 HTC roadmap, is scheduled for a June release.

With the Treo Pro release date slipping again, it’s getting closer and closer to that of the Palm Pre. I wonder what that could do to Treo Pro sales.

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