Mozilla releases Milestone Release of Fennec for Windows Mobile

Mozilla Firefox Mobile

As promised last month, Mozilla has released what it calls a Milestone Release of Fennec for Windows Mobile, the mobile version of its Firefox browser. It is only available for the HTC Touch Pro at this point and still very early in the development cycle.

This release is pre-alpha, and intended to get the product into the hands of early adopters in order to get feed back and bug reports. In order to focus our efforts on getting this release out, we have targeted only one device, the HTC Touch Pro. This has a number of user interface implications, including graphics designed for a 300 dpi screen, control layout intended for a vga screen and reliance on a hardware keyboard for text input.

This version lacks features like support for soft keyboards, plugins and automatic updates. They will be rolled out in future versions.

Just one word of caution if you decide to take the plunge (download the CAB file): Make sure you back up your Touch Pro before proceeding.


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