Fewer Microsoft Windows Mobile phones in the future

Microsoft Windows Mobile

It would appear that Microsoft does have a strategy to deal with competition from other mobile operating systems. While specific details are still vague, Todd Peters, Corporate Vice President, Mobile Communications Marketing Group, revealed that Microsoft will reduce the number of devices on which Windows Mobile is offered to allow it to focus better on the integration of these mobile devices and its operating system.

Microsoft is planning to reveal more information about this new strategy at the Mobile World Congress set to take place February 16 to 19 in Barcelona, Spain. Peters hinted that the strategy will focus on new touch-screen capabilities and new service offerings.

With Windows Mobile facing stiff competition from the iPhone, Google Android and likely the new Palm webOS, I wonder how much of this is Microsoft retrenching and how much of it is manufacturers walking away from Windows Mobile towards these new and more exciting alternatives. Is this really their strategy or a bit of marketing spin?

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