Gadgetorama turns four today

Happy birthday Gadgetorama!

Gadgetorama turns four today!

The last year has been challenging with the year starting on a sour note with the loss of a friend and then going from bad to worse as my mother fell ill and eventually passed away in April. Meanwhile, life at work continued to get busier and crazier. I even started to work on a Gadgetorama site redesign but, as you can tell, I got nowhere quickly.

On the positive side, the boys continue to grow up quickly. The eldest has expressed an interest in playing hockey despite my best attempts to convince him that soccer is the game to play! The youngest is only weeks away from walking on his own. And despite a hectic life, I still managed to post 1164 news items during the year.

What’s in store for 2009? Gadget news coverage will continue and I hope to get back on track with the redesign as well as reviews. We will see how I fare as I expect work to be quite heavy again this year.

Continuing the tradition of looking at stories that made headlines on this day in the past, the first official Gadgetorama story was about leaked pictures of the then unreleased Windows Mobile 5.0. Three years ago, we found out about the Palm Treo 700w. Two years ago, a Samsung prototype double-sided LCD panel capable of displaying different images on the two sides made the day’s headlines. A year ago, Sony BMG announced plans to offer DRM-free music while Sling Media announced plans for a BlackBerry version of SlingPlayer Mobile.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for making Gadgetorama a stop on your Internet journey.