Leaked Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots confirmed as genuine?

Do you remember those leaked Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots from last November? While there was doubt that these were genuine, Neowin is reporting that they are in fact genuine concept shots.

Microsoft is widely expected to announce Windows Mobile 6.5 at next month’s World Mobile Congress. Neowin echoes this belief.

Microsoft is also apparently going to announce a number of new services. One codenamed “SkyBox” will allow users to sync phone information with the web over-the-air. It will offer automatic backup, access and management services of data such as contacts, email and SMS, and pictures. It might even be offered for mobile phones not running Windows Mobile. A similar service with Exchange support, called “SkyLine”, will also be offered to small businesses. Microsoft could also unveil “SkyMarket”, its mobile marketplace for Windows Mobile devices.

The upcoming Mobile World Congress is shaping up to be very interesting!

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