T-Mobile G1 headed to more European countries

T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile has announced plans to bring the Google Android-powered G1 to additional European countries in the upcoming weeks. Today it is only available in the United States and Britain.

According to T-Mobile CEO Hamid Akhavan, the G1 will be introduced in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Austria on January 30th. Germany will follow only days later on February 2nd and Poland a bit later in February.

Pricing will vary by country. So far, we only know that the G1 will sell for €1 in Germany with a two-year service contract.

T-Mobile also revealed that they have sold several hundred thousand G1s since its launch and went as far as calling it the most successful phone ever sold in the United States. I suspect that T-Mobile may not have heard of the Apple iPhone which sold over a million in its first 74 days.

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