MSI to announce U120 and All-In-One Wind NetOn at CES 2009

MSI Wind NetOn All-In-One PC

Having just announced the MSI U115 Hybrid with its SSD and HDD combination, MSI will also present the new MSI U120 and and All-In-One Wind NetOn at this week’s CES.

Few details were revealed about the U120 except that it will be available with an optional 3.5G network card and will also be “WiMAX Ready”.

MSI will also show off 4 models of its Wind NetOn All-In-One PCs. The most advanced, teh AE2203, will come with a 22-inch display, advanced AV and entertainment functions, and support for full HD. There will also be three 19-inch models: the AP1900, AE1901 and AP1902. The AE1901 will come with a dual-core Atom processor.

We can expect more information on these new models once CES kicks off tomorrow.

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