New HTC Diamond ROMs for Europe and TELUS

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC has released some new ROMs for the European and TELUS Mobility versions of the HTC Touch Diamond. Hopefully other regions and carriers will soon also benefit from similar updates.

For the European version of the HTC Touch Diamond, the new ROM comes with the following enhancements and fixes:

  • A fix for the camera where the preview screen could become black while the system worked on other programs
  • Improved video playback
  • A fix for an audio playback problem where the music could turn off and on after 10 minutes or where there might be a buzzing or no sound at all
  • A fix to allow receipt of MMS when in standby mode
  • A fix for the sound turning off and on when launching music via the Music tab on TouchFLO 3D

The TELUS version (ROM version 1.10.661.41) promises to fix device freezing and lock up issues as well as improve overall device functionality and stability.

Note: The update will replace the current ROM image and will erase partnership and all user data and programs on your device. Be sure to back everything up before you start.