Rumoured 10.1-inch Acer Aspire specifications

Rumoured 10.1-inch Acer Aspire One

While we have known for some time that Acer is planning a 10.1-inch version of the Aspire One, details have been slim. Fortunately, some details have now leaked, giving us a better idea of what the new Aspire One could look like (both outside and inside). At this point, it looks like the new model will complement rather than replace the current 8.9-inch model.

According to the leaks, the new 10.1-inch model will be powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and a choice of Linux or Windows XP Home. It will come with a 1024 by 600 LED-backlit display, a hard drive, Wi-Fi, optional Bluetooth and 3G connectivity options, an SD card slot, 3 USB ports and a VGA out port. The expansion port will make way for more internal memory (maximum of 2GB) and the mouse buttons have been moved from the sides of the trackpad to below it. It will be available in black, white or red.

A February 2009 release date is expected for the new Acer 10.1-inch Aspire One. Pricing has not been revealed.

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