Why I will not order again from Newegg.ca

Last week, I ordered for the first time from Newegg.ca. I ordered a hard drive (to set up a mirror on my NAS) but a few other items had caught my eye as well. I figured that if the first order went well, I would order from them again. Unfortunately, that will not be the case.

Placing my order was not a problem and Newegg.ca does a good job notifying you of the progress of your order. My new hard drive showed up three days after I had placed the order. And this is where my problem begins. I found my hard drive sitting on my front porch next to the door. Because Newegg.ca does not require a signature, it was simply dropped off at the door. UPS did not even bother ringing the doorbell (someone was home at the time). It had been there at least a couple of hours when I finally found it (good thing I had to put away the garbage bins or it would have spent the night out on the porch as well).

Newegg confirmed that they do not always require a signature. Personally, I have an issue with finding my orders on the front porch where anyone can simply walk up and walk away with it. Sorry, Newegg.ca but I’ll pass from now on.