Amazon Kindle heading to Staples while Borders cuts eReader prices

Amazon Kindle

Staples today announced that it will start to carry the Amazon Kindle starting this fall. It will carry all three devices, the Kindle for US$139, the Kindle 3G for US$189, and the Kindle DX for US$379 (the latter in late fall), as well as accessories.

“Staples is not just bringing this incredible product to our 1,550+ US stores, but we are offering customers a chance to discover first-hand Amazon’s revolutionary reading device,” said Jevin Eagle, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing at Staples. “As part of our efforts to offer customers a wide range of top technology products and services at amazing values, the new Kindle is a natural fit.”

Meanwhile, Borders cut prices on some existing eReaders and started taking pre-orders for the upcoming Velocity family of devices. The Aluratek Libre will now sell for US$99 and the Kobo eReader for US$129 (although those prices are not yet reflected on their website yet). Both the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader (US$199) and the Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet (US$299) are now available for preorder as well. The former should start to ship September 30th and the latter on October 15th.