Palm releases beta webOS 2.0 SDK


Palm today released a beta version of the webOS 2.0 SDK in anticipation of the release of webOS 2.0 later this year.

Introducing webOS 2.0, the next generation of Palm’s amazing mobile operating system! webOS 2.0 is the biggest webOS update yet, offering great new features for consumers and developers alike.

The beta SDK will give developers a glimpse at new features coming to webOS 2.0. Among these are:

  • Stacks: Groupings of similar cards to reduce clutter and improve navigation between tasks
  • Just Type: An improved version of Universal Search including the new Quick Actions features which let you start an action without launching the respective application
  • Exhibition: Designed specifically for apps while a device is on the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock – Eg, slide shows, stock updates, social media updates, etc
  • Synergy: New Synergy APIs to develop Synergy connectors for Contacts, Calendar, and Messaging (other webOS data types coming later)
  • JavaScript services: Built-in Node.js runtime environment
  • PDK plug-ins: Out of beta in webOS 2.0
  • HTML5 enhancements such as enhanced canvas support and support for web storage

The webOS 2.0 SDK beta is only available members of the Early Access Program.

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