HTC planning 6 additional smartphones by end of year?


Over the past few weeks, a number of rumours have revealed a number of upcoming HTC devices. A Chinese-language Commercial Times report lends further credence to these rumours, suggesting that HTC is looking to ship up to 8.5 million smartphones in the last quarter of the year

According to Commercial Times sources, HTC’s product roadmap for the rest of 2010 looks like this:

  • HTC Vision (dual-core Android QWERTY slider): Release in Europe in October
  • HTC Mondrian (Windows Phone 7): Release in Europe in Q4
  • HTC Vanguard (Android): T-Mobile
  • HTC Emerald (Android): T-Mobile
  • Two unspecified Windows Phone 7 models also headed to T-Mobile (No timeline) and to AT&T (November)

Could these unnamed Windows Phone 7 devices be the HTC Mozart headed to T-Mobile and the HTC Gold?

It’s also likely that some of these devices are variant of each other. For example, the HTC Vision could be the international version of the HTC Emerald headed to T-Mobile.

As usual, the last few months of the year are shaping up to be quite exciting.

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