Sprint facing HTC EVO 4G shortages

Sprint Wireless

Sprint is currently the only US carrier to offer a 4G network. It is hoping that this lead over its competitors will translate into new subscriber growth as new customers opt for its speedier network. But those plans appear to be in jeopardy due to shortages of its only currently available 4G smartphone, the HTC EVO 4G.

According to market research firm Macquarie Group, Sprint has sold about 300,000 EVO 4G’s so far and demand remains high. Unfortunately for Sprint, it is not able to meet this demand and its web site shows the EVO 4G as ‘sold out’ with no ETA.

HTC, already facing delays for its HTC Incredible, explained that Samsung has been unable to meet its demand for touchscreen displays. HTC is adding new suppliers to meet its demand and trying to get device shipments over to the US as quickly as possible. The delays also put in jeopardy its goal to ship 24 million handsets this year.

Hopefully Sprint will be able to meet demand for its upcoming Samsung Epic 4G.

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