WP7 HTC Mozart headed to T-Mobile USA according to leaked roadmap?


Last week, Androidspin.com scored an alleged T-Mobile USA product roadmap that supposedly revealed what was in store for the carrier for the rest of the year. It showed at least 7 new devices:

  • July 21: Motorola Charm and Samsung Vibrant
  • Mid July: Dell netbooks
  • September 9: HTC Vanguard
  • November 5: HTC Emerald, Motorola Jordan and Motorola Begonia
  • November 17: HTC Schubert
  • A number of manufacturer logos (RIM, LG, Samsung, Nokia, ZTE) without device details suggest additional devices

Last week, separate rumours suggested that HTC was getting two Windows Phone 7 handsets ready, the HTC Mondrian and the HTC Mozart.

Pulling together the two rumours, TmoNews.com is reporting that a “highly trusted source” has told them that the HTC Mozart is headed to T-Mobile USA. They also surmise that the HTC Mozart and HTC Schubert could be the same device.

It is looking more and more like Microsoft will repeat last year’s Windows Mobile 6.5 deployment: Formally unveil Windows Phone 7 in September or October with devices to follow up in the following weeks and months.

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