A closer look at the Sony Tablet S

I was fortunate enough today to have an early look at the Sony Tablet S announced today. This is Sony’s first Android tablet and Gadgetorama’s first YouTube product sneak peek (we start slow but it gets better):

One feature I did not capture but saw is for users to “throw” pictures and video to a DLNA compatible television. Rather than a gesture (which might lead to a few broken tablets and TVs), the throw is a button press that allows the user to push an image from the tablet to a nearby TV. The same feature can be used to share music wirelessly.

Among the accessories that will be offered with the Sony Tablet S are the Sony Tablet S Cradle (CA$39.99) and the Sony Tablet S Bluetooth ‘Android keyboard’ which as dedicated Android keys (CA$79.99).

The Sony Tablet S is now available for pre-order (Sony Store Canada / Sony Store US) and will go on sale in September. The 16GB version will sell for $500 and the 32GB one for $600 in both Canada and the US. Aside from Sony, it will be available from Best Buy, Future Shop, and London Drugs.