Android has earned Google more than US$31 billion to date

Google Android logo

An Android lawsuit between between Google and Oracle has now dragged on for more than five years. Oracle alleges that Google has infringed some of its Java patents and copyrights in its mobile operating system and is seeking damages. The case this week revealed some interesting information about how much money Google may have made to date from Android. A lawyer for Oracle […]

Google teases official name for Android M

Android M name options

Much as it did last year, Google earlier this year announced the latest version of Android at Google I/O. The developer preview version was unveiled as Android M with the promise that an official dessert name would follow in time for the public release of the next version of Google Android. Do you wonder what Google will name this upcoming version of Android? […]

BlackBerry Android device coming later this year?

BlackBerry logo on F1 car

Could BlackBerry be considering ditching its BlackBerry10 operating system? It may not be quite ready to do so but it appears that it is at least thinking of offering devices with another operating system. Reuters today reported that BlackBerry could release a smartphone powered by Android as early as later this year. This would be quite an about-face for the company that has steadfastly […]

Still no sign of Lollipop on Android Platform Versions report

Android version distribution - January 2015

Google has once again updated its Android Platform Versions report and the latest version of Android remains a no-show. This means that more than two months after being unveiled, Android 5.0 Lollipop’s overall share of the Android pie remains below 0.1 percent. The year-old previous version, Andoid 4.4 KitKat, showed another healthy gain and now accounts for nearly 40 percent […]