Bell unveils LTE Mobile Internet Flex plan for LTE devices

Bell MobilityBell’s LTE network launched today in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph. To go with its first LTE device, the LTE Sierra Wireless U313 Turbo Stick, Bell has announced the LTE Mobile Internet Flex plan.

Much like the LTE Flex Rate Plan offered by Rogers, Bell’s plan starts at CA$45 per month for 1.5GB of data. Each month the plan begins at this lowest tier and automatically adjusts higher based on your actual usage. The next tiers are CA$60 per month for more than 1.5GB and up to 3GB, CA$75 per month for more than 3GB and up to 6GB, and CA$90 per month for more than 6GB and up to 9GB. Each GB above that will cost an additional CA$10. No data overage charges within Canada will be charged for your first 2 months.

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