WIND Mobile to launch Pay Your Way mobile data plans?

WIND MobileWIND Mobile could unveil as early as tomorrow new data plans that offer unlimited data to customers for short, temporary periods of time. Unlike plans where you sign up for a month, the new Pay Your Way data plans target customers who have low daily usage but need it for a specific small period of time.

According to a leaked internal document obtained by The Cellular Guru, WIND Mobile will offer two Pay Your Way plans:

    • CA$0.20 for 6 minutes of unlimited Internet
    • CA$2.00 for 60 minutes of unlimited Internet

Each plan has a daily maximum of CA$5

The plans are clearly intended for occasional users and do not make sense for anyone who uses data daily. At CA$5 per day, your monthly rate would be CA$150, far more than WIND Mobile’s CA$29 Infinite Laptop plan.

These new plans will be limited to mobile internet stick or hotspot users.

Source : The Cellular Guru