ASUS to offer GPS accessory for Transformer Prime

ASUS Transformer PrimeShortly after the release of the ASUS Transformer Prime, ASUS was forced to respond to complaints about GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. A number of firmware updates have since been released and ASUS went as far as describing the Transformer Prime as “not a professional GPS device,” and removing the GPS reference on product pages.

The fact that the upcoming Transformer Prime TF700T will come with a new back panel design meant to improve GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth performance also suggests that GPS performance on the current Prime is limited by the hardware design itself.

ASUS has now confirmed that it will soon offer a Transformer Prime “GPS-improving attachment” to address the GPS reception issues. The company expects to announce full details on April 16th. It remains to be seen if the new accessory will be offered for free.

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