Bell Canada to deploy cellphone towers disguised as trees

It may be a more difficult to spot Bell cellphone towers starting this summer. The carrier is launching a pilot program in cottage country that will see new towers built to look like trees. The towers will consist of a steel tree trunk and fibre glass branches. According to Bell spokesperson Jason Laszlo: “The equipment comes to the location prefabricated and is assembled on site. When complete, the tree will stand between 25 and 29 meters and will be positioned to blend with existing trees”.

Bell tree cellphone tower

Bell is planning to install approximately 20 of these tree towers in the greater Muskoka area. Bell is planning to install them in Brackenrig, Foot’s Bay, Port Carling East, Port Sandfield, Walker’s Point East, Breezy Point Road and Little Lake Joseph.

Similar towers have been rolled out in the U.S. in the form of palm trees and street lamps.

Read more: The Toronto Star (Source: Mobile Syrup)