Canadian government to receive BlackBerry 10 sneak peek

Research In MotionResearch In Motion began shopping BlackBerry 10 to carriers this summer as it prepares to launch new devices in early 2013. The Canadian Press has learned that RIM is also taking its new operating system to Canada’s leaders. Key government officials have been invited to an event on November 7th in Ottawa where they will be given a sneak peek at the new operating system and a chance to meet with RIM executives. Invitations bearing the tagline “Get a sneak peek of BlackBerry 10, the next generation mobile platform that will change everything.” were sent to MPs, their assistants, members of Industry Canada, and regional caucus members.

Each Member of Parliament is today provided with a BlackBerry smartphone. It remains the dominant smartphone on Parliament Hill.

RIM is expected to launch BlackBerry 10 with an all-touch device first and a QWERTY-keyboard (the rumoured L- and N-Series) one shortly after. Both are expected in Q1 2013.

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