Dell officially exits smartphone market

DellThe writing was on the wall already but today it became official. Dell confirmed back in March that it was pulling out of the U.S. smartphone market but it continued to sell its smartphones in a number of emerging markets. For example, it continued to offer the Venue Pro in India while Streak smartphones and tablets continued to be available in China.

Dell today announced that it was now stopping to sell smartphones altogether. Confirmation came from Jeff Clarke, Dell’s vice chairman and president, Global Operations and End User Computing Solutions, at the Dell World conference. Clarke explained that Dell would have needed to make “a lot of investments to really be successful.”

Dell will refocus its efforts on devices running Windows RT and Windows 8. At the same time, Dell is not quite ready to give up on Android. “It doesn’t mean we’re not looking at Android. You should come and see what’s in our labs,” teased Clarke.

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