Google employee drawing confirms Key Lime Pie as next Android version?

While most expect Google to use the codename Key Lime Pie for the next major version of Android, the company has yet to confirm this officially. A new cartoon by Manu Cornet, a Google employee, suggests that we could see such a confirmation at some point though. It shows Android evolving in much the same way the classic “monkey to man” image does. In the last evolutionary step, BugDroid (the robot’s name), can be seen eating a slice of Key Lime Pie.

Android Evolution to Key Lime Pie
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Don’t get too excited though. Speaking with Engadget, Cornet indicated that he drew the cartoon “just for fun” and that people should not read too much into it. Cornet also apparently works on the Gmail team rather than the Android team.

The next major version of Android is expected to carry version 5.0.

Read more: Manu Cornet [via Google+] (Source: Engadget)