Google Nexus 7 shipments to top one million in December

Google Nexus 7Despite competition from the new Apple iPad mini and other Android tablets, sales of the Google Nexus 7 tablet remain strong and are even growing stronger. In late October, ASUS indicated that it was nearing sales of 1 million tablets a month and it now appears that it will hit that milestone in December.

According to Digitimes‘ supply chain maker sources, ASUS shipped between 800,000 and 900,000 Nexus 7 tablets in November and will ship over 1 million in December. A breakdown of the sales of the different models (including the new 32GB models) was not provided.

In comparison, Apple’s suppliers are expected to ship two million iPad mini tablets in the same month, up from about 1.5 million in November. Amazon, which does not provide tablet sales numbers, is expected to ship up to 4 million Kindle Fires via its ODM Quanta in Q4 2012.

It looks like more than a few people will find a 7-inch tablet under the Christmas tree this year!

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