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Apple Watch to account for 40% of luxury watch market by 2020

Global wearable shipments forecast

Traditional watch makers predicted that the Apple Watch would have a significant impact on their market even before it came out. For example, Elmar Mock, the co-inventor of the Swatch, predicted an “Ice Age” for the Swiss watch industry. Early numbers are suggesting that those fears were not unfounded. U.S. watch sales in June were the lowest seen in eight […]

Component supplier hints at disappointing Apple Watch sales

Apple Watch

Apple recently announced its latest financial results. While it revealed how many iPhones and iPads it sold, it did not reveal any Apple Watch sales numbers. Company CEO Tim Cook only said that early sales were off to a better start than both the original iPhone and iPad. While analysts are still gazing into their crystal balls and trying to come […]

Apple Watch sales to top 1 million in first 24 hours?

Apple Watch

Analysts have already been busy gazing into their crystal balls to determine just how much of a success the Apple Watch will be when it launches later this month. Estimates have ranged from about 15 million from Strategy Analytics to nearly 26 million by J.P. Morgan. While these may be dampened by reports that Apple and its partners are facing production […]

Smartwatches to make up over half of wearable shipments by 2020

Global wearable shipments forecast

Some 6.8 million smartwatches were sold in 2014. That number includes a number of devices such as Fitbit’s devices that arguably belong more in a fitness tracker category, suggesting that the actual number is even lower than that. With more than 150 companies now developing smartwatches and the upcoming Apple Watch, smartwatch shipments are expected to jump significantly this year and will […]

Apple suppliers to ready up to 6 million Apple Watches for launch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is scheduled to begin shipping in April and expectations are running high that it will be yet another bona fide hit for the company. J.P. Morgan expects that Apple could sell as many as 26 million this year alone. It certainly appears that Apple also has high expectations for the Apple Watch. According to The Wall Street Journal, it has […]

10 million Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones shipped in 25 days?

Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement at MWC 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S4 took a mere 27 days to hit shipments of 10 million units and became the company’s fastest selling smartphone ever. With early signs indicating that the Galaxy S5 shipments were even better, that record could fall quickly. In fact, Korea’s Hankyung reports that Samsung hit the 10 million shipment milestone in 25 days with the Samsung […]

Sony Mobile to ship 65 million Xperia smartphones in fiscal 2014 year


Sony Mobile expects to ship some 42 million Xperia smartphones in its 2013 fiscal year (ending in March 2014). According to Digitimes, the Japanese company is not planning to rest on its laurels next year either. It has reportedly raised its shipment goals by 55 percent to 65 million smartphones in its 2014 fiscal year which runs from April 2014 […]