List of HTC devices to be updated to Android Jelly Bean revealed?

HTCHTC has taken its time announcing which of its devices it would upgrade to Android Jelly Bean. To date, only the HTC One X and HTC One S have been confirmed. Its last update back in mid-November indicated that it was still deciding which other devices to upgrade. We may now have more information courtesy of the usually reliable @Football4PDA:

Translating codenames, we get the following list of devices:

  • HTC One XL (Evita)
  • Verizon DROID Incredible 4G (Fireball)
  • Sprint HTC EVO 4G (Jewel)
  • HTC One SV (K2)
  • HTC One VX (Totem C2)
  • HTC One S (Ville and Ville C2 variant)
  • HTC J ISW13HT (Valente)

The HTC One X+ (Evitare) also features on the list. Given that it already ships with Android 4.1, this could be an indication that it will be updated to Android 4.2 (which is also known as Jelly Bean).

It remains to be seen if HTC will add more devices to this list (assuming it is legitimate) or if it will limit itself to just these devices. Based on the fact that HTC has already confirmed that it would not upgrade devices with 512MB RAM or less, a number devices have already been eliminated but a number, including the HTC Amaze 4G, remain in limbo for now.

Read more: @Football4PDA [via Twitter] (Source: Brighthand)