Microsoft Surface RT sales off to a “modest” start

Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft has yet to reveal any Surface for Windows RT tablet sales numbers but but CEO Steve Ballmer may have given us our best hint so far how things are going. In an interview with French-language Le Parisien, Ballmer described initial sales as “modest” but did not provide specific numbers.

Ballmer went on to explain that this modest start is due to the Surface’s limited availability. It is currently only available online from Microsoft and through a limited number of stores in the U.S (and Canada). Microsoft has also faced some supply challenges (something Ballmer described as a “good sign” and is working hard to address those as well. Sales should improve as it becomes available in more stores and more countries in the near future. Talking about sales numbers might make more sense then, added Ballmer. He also pointed out that reception to the tablet has been “fantastic.”

Ballmer also reiterated that Microsoft will launch a second Surface tablet, the Surface for Windows 8 Pro powered by an Intel processor, in early 2013.

Read more: Le Parisien (in French) [Google translation] (Source: Reuters