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Windows Phone and Windows RT license costs revealed?

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A recent report suggested that Microsoft was considering dropping license fees on Windows Phone and Windows RT in a bid to boost their adoption by manufacturers. Should it go ahead, Microsoft would look to alternatives, including ads within apps and Bing search results and offering more subscription services, to recover the lost revenues. How much does Microsoft charge per license, […]

Microsoft considering dropping Windows Phone and Windows RT license fees


While Microsoft may now have the third most popular mobile operating system with Windows Phone, its market share remains in the low single digits (3.6% in Q3 2013 according to Gartner). Smartphone and tablet manufacturers have not, for the most part, embraced it or Windows RT and part of the reason is that Microsoft charges a licensing fee for each […]

Windows RT to merge with Windows Phone for single ARM-based OS?

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Windows RT continues to remain somewhat of an oddity. The stripped down version of Windows designed for ARM-based processors has not met with much success so far and Intel’s new Haswell processors that promise long battery life for Windows 8 devices will not make it any easier for Windows RT in the future. But Microsoft does not appear ready to […]

Microsoft Surface RT sales only reach 1 million last quarter?

Microsoft’s tablet business may be off to a slow start. Rumours back in November suggested that Microsoft had reduced its 2012 orders from 4 million to 2 million units. UBS analyst Brent Thill now expects that Microsoft may have only sold about 1 million Surface RT tablets in Q4 2012. Thill cites two reasons for the low sales: “Surface RT […]

Upcoming Nokia Windows RT tablet to sport battery-equipped keyboard cover?

New details have emerged about Nokia’s rumoured 10-inch Windows RT tablet. Most interesting is that Nokia will offer a battery-equipped cover accessory for the tablet. Wrapping around it like a book cover, it will come with a keyboard and kickstand. Its built-in battery will kick in once the tablet’s own battery runs out. It will also sport two USB ports. […]

Nokia to unveil 10-inch Windows RT tablet at MWC 2013?

Rumours that Nokia was working on a tablet have been around since at least November 2011. Since then, there have been numerous hints and suggestions that Nokia was working on a Windows 8 tablet. At one point, it was looking like Nokia would launch one before the end of the year. It now appears that Nokia’s first tablet will finally […]