New Apple iPhone 5 connector even smaller than first rumoured?

AppleRumours have suggested for some time now that Apple would introduce a smaller dock connector with the iPhone 5. According to two different sources, iLounge today reported that it will even be smaller than past rumours indicated. Rather than a 16- or 19-pin connector, the new design could sport as few as 8 pins. One source added that this could be the configuration on the female side while the male connector would have 8 pins on each side, thereby explaining the rumours of a 16-pin connector.

One source added that the new connector could also include other innovations. Among these could be the ability to connect in much the same way as Apple’s MagSafe already does.

Along with the redesign, Apple could also rename it, perhaps to better differentiate it from its predecessor.

However number of pins, it does appear increasingly likely that Apple will unveil a new connector and that many existing accessories will not be compatible with new Apple devices unless an adapter is used.

The report adds that iOS 6 could come with a new feature allowing compatible devices paired over Bluetooth to share information and interact. For example, an iPod could display iMessages from a paired iPhone or an iPad could be used to remotely initiate an iPhone call.

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