No ‘unbreakable glass’ for Samsung Galaxy S IV?

SamsungRumours earlier this month suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S IV, the successor to the very successful Galaxy S III, would come with a “unbreakable glass” display. Now comes word that this will not be the case. “Flexible screens are still a while off,” a source told The Verge earlier this week. But the source confirmed that it will come with a 1080p display.

As for a release date, the report indicates that it will not take place at CES 2013. MWC in late February has not been ruled out but Samsung could again used a dedicated event as it did for the Galaxy S III last May. Perhaps in April as suggested by earlier this month?

As for rumours of a 6.3-inch Galaxy Note III (perhaps an eight-tenth of an inch larger than the Galaxy Note II), the source indicated that “At some point in the next year, and it could be very late in the year, we might fill in the largest gap in our screen size lineup.” It would appear that those rumours may not be as farfetched as many think…

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