JDI announces ultra-low power LCD module for wearables

JDI MIP reflective-type LCD module

One of the biggest complaints leveled against wearables so far is that battery life is inadequate. The usefulness of wearables is hobbled when many of these barely last a day (if not less in some cases). Manufacturers and software partners are well aware of this and are investing considerable resources in addressing this. JDI (Japan Display Inc.), a global supplier […]

Sharp Free-Form Display technology promises new display shapes

Sharp Free-Form Display prototype

The future of mobile devices already looks bright thanks to the promise of flexible displays. A new display technology called Free-Form Display unveiled by Sharp this weeks now promises to make that future even more exciting by giving us displays with very unique shapes. Conventional displays typically have rectangular displays because their bezel incorporate a certain amount of circuitry. Sharp’s Free-Form […]

Smartphones with 5-inch or larger displays account for 30% of Q1 shipments

Smartphone displays in Q1 2014

Apple may have no choice but to make sure that its next model sports a larger display. According to research firm Canalys, more than a third of smartphones shipped in Q1 2014 sported a display measuring at least 5 inches. Underlying their growing popularity, while the smartphone market gew 29% year-over-year, those with 5-inch or more displays grew 369% over […]

LG confirms WQHD display for upcoming LG G3

LG Display WQHD display

While Japanese carrier KDDI today announced the LG isai FL, the first smartphone it will offer with a WQHD (2560×1440) display, LG Display announced that its 5.5-inch Quad HD (QHD) AH-PS LCD panel for smartphones had been certified as a QHD display by NEMKO, the Norway-based international testing and certification organization for electrical products. While the press release did not […]