Nokia owns 45% of second generation Windows Phone device market?

Using data provided by Occasional Gamer, WMPowerUser has determined the relative market share of different Windows Phone manufacturers. It not only looks at the overall Windows Phone market but also focuses on how manufacturers are faring with second generation devices. Assuming that these numbers are reflective of the overall market, it appears that Nokia is quickly establishing itself as the dominant player.

While it only has 4% of the overall market, Nokia, with its Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, already owns 45% of the second generation Windows Phone handset space. While HTC still dominates the overall market with a 55% share, its second generation device share is down to 40%. Momentum also seems to be favouring Nokia which is planning a big marketing push in North America over the next few months.

2nd generation Windows Phone device market share - January 2012

Samsung is holding down third both overall and for second generation devices. Its Omnia W and Focus Flash appear to be its best-selling devices.

Along with reports that it sold some 1.3 million Windows Phone handsets in 2011, this is another sign that Nokia’s decision to align with Microsoft was the right one.

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