Rovio shows off more Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay

Rovio today released a second video (first video) showing off the gameplay of its upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars game. Not only have our favourite birds been turned into Star Wars characters but they also have their abilities. Red Angry Bird Skywalker wields a mean lightsaber and Yellow Bird Solo is quite handy with his blaster. Even R2-D2 is there!

Angry Birds Star Wars will be out on November 8, but until then, watch this gameplay trailer and scream “OH MY GOODNESS!!!!” to yourself in the mirror. Repeatedly.

Gameplay combines elements from both the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds games. Different levels will take you to places like Tattooine and the Death Star.

Angry Birds Star Wars will launch on November 8,th for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

May the birds be with you!

Read more: Rovio [via YouTube]