Rumour: Google to launch Android Jelly Bean in Q3 2012

Google AndroidDevices running Android 4.0 are still rare. Google’s latest distribution numbers show that Android 4.0 is barely on 1.6% of all Android devices. But that is set to change in Q2, according to Digitimes. While new devices and upgrades are expected to grow that number significantly in Q2, Google is hard at work on the next major version. Citing its “industry sources,” Digitimes is reporting that Google could launch the next major Android version (Android 5.0?), likely to be known as Jelly Bean, in Q3.

A previous rumour had suggested that Google would launch Jelly Bean in Q2. A more likely scenario is that Google will announce it at Google I/O 2012 and then launch it in Q3 with the next Nexus device (perhaps from HTC or LG?).

The report adds that “the rapid shift of OS may not be healthy for the development of the Android ecosystem. Do you agree?

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