Rumour: Six BlackBerry 10 devices planned

Research In MotionAccording to Pocket-lint, Research In Motion will launch a total of six BlackBerry 10 devices in the months following the launch of the operating system in early 2013. With these, RIM will cover the high, mid and entry-level entry points. The report does not indicate if all of these devices will be released in 2013 though although that seems to be the implication.

As RIM has already confirmed, the first two devices it will launch will be an all-touch device (likely the London or L-Series) and one with a QWERTY keyboard (likely the Nevada or N-Series). Unlike previous rumours that suggested a 1280 by 768 pixel display for the London, the report suggests that it will come with a 1280 by 720 pixel display. The QWERTY model will have a 720 by 720 pixel display. This makes sense given RIM’s decision to standardize on two 720 pixel resolutions.

Supporting earlier rumours, the hardware for both devices has reportedly been finalised and both are now undergoing RIM and carrier testing in preparation for their launch early next year. Both are “characteristically BlackBerry” but also promise “a design ethos that carries the experience forward.”

It’s not clear if the rumoured M-Series keyboard sliders will be part of these six devices. More information is promised at the end of September at BlackBerry Jam Americas in San Jose.

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