RIM BlackBerry M-Series

Rumour: Six BlackBerry 10 devices planned

According to Pocket-lint, Research In Motion will launch a total of six BlackBerry 10 devices in the months following the launch of the operating system in early 2013. With these, RIM will cover the high, mid and entry-level entry points. The report does not indicate if all of these devices will be released in 2013 though although that seems to […]

Rumour: BlackBerry 10 devices to use 720 pixel width as base resolution

Research In Motion appears to have decided to make a 720 by xxxx pixel resolution the standard for its upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. A leaked document obtained by N4BB indicates that RIM has decided that “moving forward our device portfolio will be based around 720 px screen widths. Click for a larger version The slide indicates that the N-Series will […]

Rumour: BlackBerry M-Series to be third RIM BlackBerry 10 device series

Research In Motion

Rumours have already suggested that RIM will have two lines of BlackBerry 10 devices, the L-Series and N-Series. Multiple devices will be offered eventually in both series. It also appears that the Milan slider, which had been cancelled some time ago as RIM focused on a smaller number of devices, will be resurrected as the BlackBerry M-Series. The BlackBerry M-Series […]