Samsung 1080p display production issues to delay Galaxy S IV launch?

SamsungThe launch of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S IV may not happen as quickly as we all want. Rumours last week suggested that it could launch as early as Q2 2013 but warned that Samsung was facing production challenges. A report today also suggests that Samsung Display is having a hard time ramping up mass production of the display intended for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV could launch with a new 4.99-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display. Samsung is looking to unveil the display at CES 2013 but mass production is hampered by a lack of sufficient high-end technology. According to Digitimes, it has turned to 3M for help but challenges remain despite the more advanced LITI technology now used. For some reason, blue-colored materials are especially difficult to work with.

Given that Samsung has yet to announce the Samsung Galaxy S IV, let alone release dates, it remains to be seen how these challenges could affect its plans. At risk are its own internal timelines but how that affects us remains to be seen.

At this time, it would appear that the Samsung Galaxy S III may remain king of Samsung’s smartphone hill for a while longer.

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