Samsung Galaxy Note tops sales of 5 million

Samsung Galaxy NoteSamsung today announced that it has now sold more than 5 million Galaxy Note “phablets” in about five months. Samsung attributes its success to the 5.3-inch HD Super-AMOLED screen and its S-Pen which “recreates the analogue experience of using a real pen.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note was launched five months ago. It topped sales of 2 million units at the beginning of March.sales of 2 million units.

Samsung this week announced that it would delay the release of the Galaxy Note Android 4.0 update to Q2 but that it would be part of a “Premium Suite upgrade” with additional multimedia features and a range of new S Pen optimized applications.

The term “phablet” has been coined to describe smartphones with oversized displays like the Galaxy Note’s own 5.3-inch screen. They target an audience looking to have the convenience of both smartphones and tablets in one device.

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