Sony Xperia ion coming to Canada this summer

Sony Xperia ionWe learned earlier today that the Sony Xperia ion is launching in the U.S. on June 24th with AT&T. MobileSyrup has now learned that Sony’s first LTE smartphone is also coming to Canada sometime this summer.

Details such as pricing or which carrier will offer it were not revealed. Given that it is an LTE-enabled device, it is likely though that it will end up with Bell, Rogers, or TELUS. Perhaps it will soon join the Xperia S at Rogers.

The Sony Xperia ion will also benefit from wider retail distribution. Whereas the Xperia S was only available through the Sony Store, the Xperia ion will also be available from other retail locations (possibly Best Buy, Future Shop, and other retailers offering wireless products).

It’s great to see Sony’s flagship smartphone coming to Canada. If only it would be with Android 4.0 installed rather than a promised upgrade from the installed Android 2.3…

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