Tizen OS hits SDK and source code version 1.0 milestone

TizenThe Tizen Technical Steering Group hit a major milestone this week when it announced the availability of the Tizen 1.0 Larkspur SDK and source code. Aside from the milestone, the new release offers:

  • A new browser-based simulator to run and debug web applications under various device profiles
  • IDE enhancements
  • Significantly improved emulator performance
  • Support for additional features of W3C/HTML5 specification
  • The addition of Wi-Fi Direct key features

Tizen is the Linux-based open source software platform that rose out of the ashes of Meego. Backed by companies that include Intel, Samsung, Telefonica, and Vodafone, it is designed for multiple device categories. It recently surfaced on the HTML5 test site with promising numbers.

No devices supporting Tizen have yet been announced but that could change at the first Tizen Developer Conference next month.

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