2014 HTC One flagship codenamed HTC M8


While the success of the HTC One (over 5 million shipped) was good news for HTC, the smartphone world never rests. Needless to say, the company is already working on follow-up devices. Pocket-lint has learned that is planning to launch an updated version of the HTC One before the end of the year and that work has begun on a follow-up, codenamed HTC M8, for 2014.

The HTC One was known as the M7 during its development.

Aside from the M8 codename, little is known about the upcoming flagship device. HTC is reportedly using different codenames for it when talking to external partners in an attempt to keep details from leaking.

As for the updated HTC One coming later this year, it appears that a number of hardware changes are planned. What these are remains unknown at this point but could include a processor upgrade, perhaps to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. HTC could also introduce an updated version of its HTC Sense UI overlay.

Here’s hoping that HTC can follow up the HTC One with equally successful successors.

Source : Pocket-lint