Acer not interested in merger with ASUS or Lenovo


Rumours of consolidation among Asia’s computer and mobile device manufacturers have apparently been brewing for a few days now. It appears that a number of unnamed investment banking firms are thinking that it would be a good idea for Acer to merge with either ASUS or Lenovo. The rumour appears to have gained enough traction that Acer today moved to dismiss them.

Acer said that no banks had contacted its management team about such a merger. It also added that the company was not interested in such a move either.

Acer itself is currently “undergoing reform” as global markets continue to shift away from PCs to mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones. It expressed confidence in its global brand business operation and expects to “score points sooner or later” as it continues to shift its priorities to those markets.

Given that the story comes from Digitimes which has a spotty record with rumours, take this story with a grain of salt. At the same time, it could well be that some manufacturers are looking at their options in the face of competition from juggernauts such as LG and Samsung.

Source : Digitimes