Amazon Working On Kindle Smartphone With 3D Display?


Rumors of a Kindle smartphone have been floating about for quite some time now. Recent one suggested that Amazon was working on a phone with a 4.7-inch display but was facing delays that could push the release beyond an anticipated Q2 launch window. The Wall Street Journal now suggests that Amazon has wider ranging plans that in fact include two smartphones, a set-top box to stream movies and TV shows and an audio-only streaming device. The four projects are collectively known as the Alphabet Projects.

Two people familiar with the company’s plans indicate that one of the smartphones will be a high-end device with a glasses-free 3D display. Unlike older devices that only had a single angle for optimum viewing, Amazon is looking to use retina-tracking technology to make images seem to float above the screen and appear in three dimensions from a wider angle. The same technology would also allow users to navigate through content by using just their eyes.

It appears that both Kindle smartphones will also be LTE-enabled. Qualcomm has apparently been chosen to supply the chipsets.

As for Amazon’s audio streaming device, the move would suggest that it is considering a move to become a music-subscription service.

Some of these devices could see the light in the coming months but the report’s sources also indicate that any or even all could also be cancelled at any time should they not meet project objectives.

Source : The Wall Street Journal