Gadgetorama reborn as EyeOnMobility

Ever since launching Gadgetorama back in 2008, one thing has bugged me about the name – it just does not roll off the tongue. With the site currently on hiatus, I’ve decided to finally rebrand it. Welcome to EyeOnMobility.

A rebranding is not the only thing on the agenda. I’m going to update the site’s design as well as content. For example, I want to clean up the categories and tags. Switching from a custom CMS to WordPress in 2011 has left a lot of the older content in sorry shape and I would like to finally sort all that out.

With the site officially on hiatus, I’ll be able to do all this at my own pace without feeling the need to keep up with the daily news at the same time.

Only time will tell if the resurrection of Gadgetorama as EyeOnMobility is more than an exercise in site cleanup.