Another HTC M7 render or a fake?

A new alleged image of the oft-rumoured HTC M7 has surfaced, bringing with it a bit of mystery and controversy. The image first surfaced on Twitter courtesy of @cypis_. It looks quite different from another image leaked just days ago. Is either one real? If one is, which one?

Rumoured HTC M7

HTCSource claims that two “trusted sources” have confirmed to it that this render is an accurate depiction. For his part, the usually reliable @LlabTooFeR (also known as @Football4PDA) indicates that it’s a fake. To throw a bit more confusion into all this, PocketNow suggests that the render “is not an official HTC render” but is still an accurate representation of the front of the device. The back though is not accurate at all.

Parking aside the fake or real debate for a moment, this latest render shows a device that borrows a few design cues from the Windows Phone 8X and, for whatever reason, sports a realigned button arrangement with the Home button on the right. It also appears to show the new HTC Sense 5.0 icons.

HTC is expected to unveil the HTC M7 at MWC 2013. If nothing else, all the rumours should be settled then.

Read more: @cypis_, @LlabTooFeR and PocketNow