Apple iPhone event coming on September 10th

AppleMark September 10th on your calendars. AllThingsD has learned that this is the date that Apple will unveil its next iPhone(s). The site has proven itself reliable in the past, suggesting that this is more than an unsubstantiated rumour.

While Apple has typically used the event to reduce the price on  year-old and two-year-old models, there is widespread speculation that it will instead this time unveil a new lower-cost alternative, the Apple iPhone 5C (or iPhone 5M?).

The report adds (almost needlessly) that the new smartphones will ship with iOS 7.

The announcement date would also corroborate TELUS’ separate report that it will begin to roll out an iOS 7 update to currently available iPhone and iPad models.

There is no word on whether Apple will also unveil its first smartwatch as Samsung is expected to do on September 4th at IFA 2013.

Source : AllThingsD