Apple iPhone Lite to be iPhone 5 in new plastic case?

Rumoured budget Apple iPhone

An interesting twist to the iPhone Lite (or Budget iPhone) rumour saga surfaced a couple of days ago. Whereas Apple unveiled one new smartphone and reduced the price on the previous model(s) that would continue to sell alongside, the company appears set to launch two new iPhones this year, the iPhone 5S and a new cheaper model. Now comes word courtesy of Current Editorials and their source, that the iPhone Lite will in fact be no more than the current iPhone 5 repackaged in a plastic case and available in a variety of colours.

The idea certainly makes sense. Rather than introducing a completely new device that would have required an R&D investment of its own, Apple will give the iPhone 5 a makeover by replacing its glass and aluminium case with a colourful plastic one. Not only will this “new” model be cheaper to manufacture but Apple will save itself the costs of designing a new phone and also ensures that the supply of cases for the new iPhone 5S is not jeopardized.

The “new” iPhone model is likely to take over as the cheaper alternative to the new iPhone 5S. It could sell for as low as US$99 with a two-year contract. Best of all, Apple would be able to market the cheaper model as a new iPhone rather than simply last year’s model. Apple could also maintain its current three iPhone portfolio offering by continuing to offer the iPhone 4S at an even lower price.

The report adds that Apple will unveil the new iPhone 5S and “new” iPhone at an event on September 18th. Both would then launch on September 27th.

Sources : Current Editorials // WeAreMobians