Samsung ships SM-V700 smartwatch to Indian test center


India’s Zauba shipment tracking database continues to be a treasure trove of information about upcoming Samsung devices. We told you yesterday about evidence showing that Samsung was playing with different-sized displays for the Galaxy Note III. That same database today reveals that Samsung is readying a smartwatch accessory. A shipment notification shows that the Samsung watch, bearing model number SM-V700, has been sent to a Samsung test center in India for “R&D purposes.” The entry reveals little more though.

Samsung SM-V700 shipment notice

Samsung could unveil its smartwatch as early as IFA 2013 alongside the Galaxy Note III.

A growing number of manufacturers have either launched smartwatches or are looking to release such devices in the coming months. Among them are Sony (with the recently announced SmartWatch 2 and likely other models), Microsoft, Apple, Google (along with its Motorola subsidiary) and even Qualcomm with the Zola. With the wristwatch business alone worth US$60 billion this year, it’s no wonder that companies are banking on such devices as another revenue stream.

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